A Retrospect on South Asian Regional Timeline of (2000–2009): Based on “South Asia in the Global Age”

Image Courtesy: https://southasianvoices.org/south-asian-economic-integration-may-not-be-a-pipe-dream/

Globalization — the interconnected and interdependent world order — has been recently structuralizing a change in — information network, commerce and cooperative security, due to the increasing dependency of ‘economic well-being’ and ‘national survival’ on it. The ‘global center of political gravity’ has shifted from the North-centric order to the Asia Pacific region. A mix of geoeconomic and geostrategic factors, propelled by increasing global cooperation, is drawing the near end of — ‘dominant-dominated power structure’.

A dominant feature of the globalization trend happens…

Fatema Mahmuda

Political Scientist | Social Science Researcher | National Youth Leader (Find me on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fatema-mahmuda/ )

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